A simple, cloud-based email service

What does your email address say about you?

In business, image is everything — and first impressions really do have a huge impact. So, what are you conveying when you hand over a business card that says ‘janesfishnchipshopsunbury@bigpond.com’?

Still using the old @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com email address you had in the 90s?

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix!
You can give your online image a spit & polish with your own domain name.

Get Google Apps email on your domain with Red Mo Media

The almighty Google Apps

Once your domain name is chosen, I recommend you sign up for a rock-solid webmail service — powered by Google Apps. Used by over 5 million businesses worldwide, plus many schools and non-profit organisations, Google Apps is reliable, fast and always accessible.

Here’s some of the great features:

  • It grows as you grow – with no limit to the number of users
  • 30GB of Gmail and Drive storage per user
  • Advanced spam filtering
  • Access it anywhere — on the web, on your mobile device and on your desktop – with web, POP, IMAP and Exchange support
  • Send large files — using Google Drive, your integrated storage in the cloud
  • Tame your inbox — with labels, filters, folders and archiving

All this — using your own domain!
Find out more about Google Apps

Red Mo Media - Email powered by Google on all your devices

Powerful web apps

As well as an amazing email experience, your Google account gives you access to a suite of indispensable web applications:

  • Google Drive — a total of 30GB of storage in the cloud
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides — upload, create, edit and collaborate on Office documents directly in the web browser. Supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other files.
  • Google Calendar — supports multiple calendars, with to-do lists, private & public sharing and reminders
Red Mo Media - Google email with a suite of powerful web apps

Ready for secure, convenient business email PLUS a mind-blowing website?

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