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Red Mo Media - Project: Collection Consultancy Australia

Collection Consultancy Australia is a debt collection company based in Melbourne. With over 20 years industry experience, Director Greg Trappett says the most common thing he has found in debt collection is “poor paper work, poor processes or a lack of understanding of what is required.” Collection Consultancy Australia, he says, is based on “honesty, mutually beneficial long term client relationships, professionalism and standing behind what we say.”

When Greg approached me, he had a solid business plan, clients already lined up, a logo and a vision for his website. He wanted something bold, clean and simple. He had a lot of information to include on the site – so it was going to be text-heavy. The site needed to be simple to navigate, and be accessible on mobile and tablet platforms.

The Collection Consultancy Australia website, like all Red Mo Media sites, is responsive – meaning it looks great across all devices. I also helped Greg with their social media accounts, helping set up their Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages for a full social media onslaught!

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Posted on July 26, 2014 in Projects

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